Super Mac Ti EDC *UPDATE (4x Nichia 219c 5700k 92cri)

2018 Update : This is my everyday carry light, which I carry almost 80% of the time, it has since been upgraded to 4x 219C 5700k 92 cri, a rare LED and pending a driver upgrade to a 12amp CC driver

After a long while my mac gone through a major update, whilst at first it was running a triple XP-L setup, I realised after a while what i really wanted was a high cri pocket rocket (which currently is being fulfilled by my V10R triple nichia 219b), however, due to cutting of the optics and perhaps the battery, light output is not as bright as i would like and the tint is slightly off (though still looks nice), so I have since been on the tint hunt

One day, whilst I was playing around with a Manker E14 (Quad nichia 219b and 18350) from a local flashlight shop and found out it had a REALLY nice tint, as in, really nice even when comparing with my other nichia lights, of course this is subjective but i personally felt the E14 setup was the perfect light for me

Driver is using a BLFA6 driver (eg, 7mode/4mode), FET + 1

So after buying it I went back to play around with it, they seemed to use a really strong thread lock and I had to heat it up and use strap wrenches to remove the head

After removing the optic, I was surprised how small it was, I had seen other quad optics before but they are bigger then this, a quick measure with calipers (about 22mm-ish) indicated it “might” fit into my mac with a little 1 or 2mm of filing, which should not affect the beam as much

The original mac ti edc is suitable for this as it was originally meant to house a reflector with SST50, in fact a triple optic can slightly move around when assembled, meaning there is actually some allowance

This is the optic after slight filing and is able to fit snuggly into the mac, as you can see, the optic is mostly intact, I have ordered a few replacement optics so I can rebuild the Manker once it arrives

So i decide to do a simple transplant to the mac, the quad star (it seems to be a special quad star that can’t seem to be purchased separately) and quad optic and driver.

Replacing the driver and star is straightfoward, only the optic has to be modified to fit, and due to the thickness of the optics, the sapphire lens can no longer be used (unless i shave away the copper pill) otherwise the light cannot fully screw in

Here is it stacked on the body

And complete!!

Here it is with the new extended multiple emitter family

And with the inkosi

Cheers all!

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Original Post 21 Jan 2016

Hi all,

After a long time searching, I finally bought another of one my most wanted lights, the Ti Mac EDC!! Its exactly what I had hoped for, I chose this Mac version due to its smooth bezel and is slightly longer then the Mac Tri,

This version accepts a 18350 cell, which is required for the build I am going to attempt (IMR AW 18350 15C max discharge, or about 12A), I realized due to the current limitations of the 16340 cells (4A?) I use for my other lights (eg, haiku), its not possible to go beyond brightness due to cell current limitations

The longer head also allows it to house the Tri copper conversion pill from Mick (Mcbrat), has much more mass then the standard mac Tri pills, and can sink more heat (but it does weight more, the pill itself weights 80g)

After removing and cleaning the interior of the head, I prepared a FET + 7135 driver taken from my BLF-A6, its a 7/4 mode driver which makes use of a FET and 7135 regulator, on the low and moonlight modes, the drivers uses the efficient 7135 regulator to control output, on high or turbo modes, the driver switches to the FET, for nearly 100% output similar to direct drive. Another cool thing about this driver is that the modes can move backwards, by slow clicking the light

I soldered a copper spring to the light to allow for less resistance

Sticking the driver to the massive 80g Copper Tellurium pill by Mcbrat

My triple XPL-Hi 4000k has not arrived, so I scavenged a dedomed triple XPL on a noctigon from an old project (notice the crappy soldering :D)

Putting it all together..

Its done!! I stuck glow tape under the carclo optics legs, don’t have a tiny drill so haven’t got a chance to stick tritium in them yet

This thing is literally a light cannon, using a fully charged AW IMR 18350 cell, this thing can smoke newspapers and dark colored surfaces
The light does get a little warm on turbo, but due to the large copper core, it can go much longer before become too hot to hold

Finally, the perfect edc setup with the haiku!! One for throw and general use, one for flood and pure power!! And one for cutting paper and opening boxes 😀

And joining the Ti modded family, with the battery and copper pill, the Mac weights quite a bunch, its actually heavier then my larger 2×18350 Pocket Rocket!

Added some beamshots

Thanks for reading!!

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