Lumintop Copper AAA Tool (XHP50 fun)

This build is just for fun, I was experimenting to see how far and how small you can push a bright light in your pocket :bigsmile:

In my previous T10T build, i put a MT-G2 into a AA sized light, powered by 2 x IMR 14250 (half the size of 14500) running a 12mm FET driver, the output was fantastic and was actually usable day to day

This time, I came across the Lumintop Tool AAA in Copper, so just to see how far I can push the size/brightness factor in a small light, I plan to put in a XHP50 in the AAA light

A light of this configuration is possible due to the entire light being made of copper and the whole light acts as a heatsink, allowing heat to be drawn away from your hands

Here is the light in stock form

The light broken up into its parts

The pill seems to be thread locked, a little heat needs to be used to loosen the threadlock, I used a lighter blowtorch to heat the head of the light, which eventually allowed it to be unscrewed

The heat transfer is excellent, just for fun, I screwed back all the parts together, and within seconds the tail part itself got warm and the head became colder till it was able to be handled

Heres the pill removed

With the star and driver removed

I filed a XM noctigon down to size and removed the “rimming” of the pill so as to allow maximum contact between pill and star
The driver itself has been reused just as a contact board (I ran out of 12mm FETs), it needs to be filed down to size to allow 2 wires to go through, these wires are drawn directly to the LED

This is the whole stack

The reflector needs to be slightly enlarged to allow the XHP-50 led, after assembly, the light fits snugly

How do we power the light? Using 2 10180 LiCo (Lithium Cobalt) batteries, as the battery is slightly less then half of a 10440 battery, some “spacers” needed to be used

The light is definitely bright, apparent brightness is brighter then the T10T MT-G2 light previous, but it is probably due to the cool white tint compared to the neutral white of the MT-G2

Seems to be a donut inside

However, probably due to the cells it is not able to handle the current for a sustained amount of time, hence just within 5 seconds the light will dim, making it usable only for signaling purposes (which was what i had intended), it makes an excellent camera sidekick due to the extreme flood

Day to day use? Probably not really useful since it becomes dim after awhile, but it makes a excellent blink light, and the heat sinking is excellent

I am waiting for some more 12mm FETs to arrive, I will probably pop one in when it arrives to see how usable it is

Joining the rest of the exotic family lights

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