World’s Brightest Mcgizmo Haiku (1,250 lumens XPL Hi 4k)

Edit 2018 : This was posted in 2015, it has probably been surpassed in terms of brightness, it has since been updated to a 219C 5000k 92cri

I finally got one of my most wanted lights, the Mcgizmo Haiku! It is truly a beautiful light, exquisitely crafted and well built, and is my daily carry, mine is an XML version, with CR123 pak and laser etched clip

It its using the 3s driver, l-m-h, and highest measured is 650ma, a little dim for my liking, so I decided to beef up the light, the goal? To make it the brightest haiku!!

After studying the pill, it seems to fit a 14mm or smaller driver, too small to put a standard 105c driver, so taking what I’ve learnt from making the MT-G2 T10T here, I’ve opted to use a 12mm FET driver, flashed with guppydrv

I carefully removed the original stock driver and soldered the wires to the new driver, you can see how small the 12mm driver is

To handle the increased heat from running it direct drive, I filed a 20mm XP noctigon down so that it fits the notches on the pill.. also, two holes were drilled to accomodate the wires

Here is the assembled LE, a XPL Hi 4000k has been reflowed on to the XP board, the wires fit through the holes and contact points insulated by kaplon tape (it jams against the head when screwed in)

After this, cpu thermal paste was applied below the noctigon at the edges where it sits on the pill and on top surface when it jams against the head to ensure maximum thermal transfer

Here is the light fully assembled, a centering ring is added for optimal throw and focus

This light is now BRIGHT, as in really BRIGHT

Using a FET driver, it at 100% it is effectively direct drive, using a fully charged red AW IMR 16340, it puts out nearly 3.5amps on high, roughly guestimate to almost 1.2k lumens (No sphere yet ), of course, it very quickly drops to about 3-2.5amps after long use, and before voltage is a concern, heat is

Being XPL Hi (factory dedomed), it throws really wellhere is a beamshot comparision between a Acebeam EC32 (XPL) and the Haiku (XPL Hi 4000k)

The light is now a perfect balance of flood and throw, theres a haze situation now, so its perfect for showing beamshots, behold..

Seen here shot from 9 stories up the spot is diffused by the haze

Of course, heat is starting to be a real issue here, on high it gets HOT, as in way hotter then a standard mcgizmo will ever get to the point its too hot to hold, on medium (25%) it is usable for extended periods but it does get warm

Low(2%) does not seem to generate much heat

Of course, now being a guppydrv driver, it can be set to one of 22 modes, my favourite modes are mode #1 (2%-25%-100% memory), #6 (100%-15% no memory) and #9 (Strobe – 100% no memory)

Thanks for reading!!

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