Ultimate Download Pocket Rocket “Sunbeam” (Ti 2x 18350 XHP-50 3000 lumens edc)

I’ve been looking for a 18650 Ti light for sometime, most of them are either AA or 16340 sized, I bought a V10r ti and put in a triple nichia, it looks really nice and has excellent color rendition, but I figured I wanted something brighter for outdoor use

The end result? A Titanium 2x 18350 sized light with 3000 lumens and multi mode ultimate EDC pocket rocket!!

Of course, being made of titanium, the heat transfer is really bad (in respect to AL), so blasts of 100% are limited to a few seconds the most, output at lower levels can last much longer.. the head can be too hot to touch, however (again, bad heat transfer), the body does not feel hot and can be held, making it a double edged sword

The build :

Recently I bought the last remaining Pocket Rocket from Download (http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/…-9th-run-XM-L2)

Charles is really a nice guy who creates nice lights and painstakingly took the time to answer my many pm in respect to the light’s modability and functions!!

Enter Download’s Pocket rocket, a really nice and well crafted Titanium 18650 sized light, with many options for mod-ability, mine came with a T6-2A XML2 emitter, reverse clicky and Ti clip

Nice light to be added to the modified lights collection

Getting ready to mod the light.. Parts include an XHP-50 5A on Noctigon, a bunch of 7135 chips, guppydrv 22 mode group 105C driver.. and a TIR optic stripped from a Led Lenser F1R ($$$)

Changing the emitter and driver.. an XHP-50 5A and a guppydrv 22 mode 105c driver.. this is a really cool driver that lets you set 22 different mode groups on the fly, I chose No. 6 (100% – 15%, no memory) as my preference, I’ve also set the turbo timer to 15 seconds (you do NOT want to put 100% for more then 15 seconds)

Zener mod must be done for the driver to accept the 2 x 18350 needed to power the XHP-50.. My aim to get close to 6amps in the driver.. so the stacking of chips begins..

All packed any ready to go back in, filled to the brim with thermal paste

The original orange peel reflector has been switched with a TIR optic due to its shorter length and better throw, especially with such a floody emitter (XHP-50)
I’ve tried many different TIR optics, some of them are way too floody and do not focus the beam, most of them however, create the “donut” beam.
Was trying to file a TIR I found from a cheap flashlight at the dollar store, at the end of the day, the best TIR optic I found was a TIR optic from a Led Lenser F1R (does anyone know where to find a replacement? It seems to be a proprietary optic, F1R is now unusable until I can find a replacement lens )

And last but not least, switching the reverse clicky for a forward clicky.. however, due to the space now taken by both 18350 IMRs, the light has lost the ability to tailstand, but its ok, we’re not going to tailstand such a bright light anyway

The black rubber boot has been changed to a nice white glow tail cap (again, scavenged from another light)

Light completed and assembled, added in a blue glow o-ring as well, removed the sapphire glass

Smoking up newspaper..

Parking beam shot

Easily lights up a whole building

Of course, this is intended more as a “show light” or proof of concept, on lower modes its more practical, and due to its many programmable modes, the light can be programmed for different situations

Thanks for reading!!

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