My very first posted flashlight build, Zooming MT-G2 SK98

Note 2018: This was posted way back in 2013, when the Cree MT-G2 super LED was the hot in thing. Of course, barring the fact that this is such a huge LED in an aspheric with lots of loss of light, it is still a really fun build that, even today, can still be done

For those short on time, here is a quick summary of the build

Main Host: Sipik SK98 and its clones | $7.99
Battery 18350 X 2 | $7.59
LED Cree MT-G2 6000k
Driver iOS driver (discontinued) – 4.5A / 6v / 3 Modes
Switch Stock Reverse Clicky

Being a tinkerer, I got fascinated with flashlights primarily due to their practical usability in daily life and mod-ability, and with a surprisingly large community of flashlight enthusiasts online (Eg, CPF, Budgetlight etc)

After playing around with a T10b 18650 host and managing to get it to actually light up that huge LED, the thought came, since I was able to put it into that t10b host, why not try squeezing it into a smaller host? I decided to build my MTG2 into my SK98

Here it is compared to a nitecore SRT5..

Note: Although the SRT-5 is larger then the SK98, the smaller SK98 is heavier as it has 2x 18350 and a heavier driver

A normal SK98 with its stock cree XML led will put out a lot of light in its own right, with this upgraded Cree MT-G2, this thing literally floods the entire room with light, throw can be improved by focusing the SK98 (by pushing out the lens) which forms it into a interesting “beehive” shape (the footprint of the LED)

This particular SK98 variant (Ultrafire) is one of the better ones of the clones out there as it has better finishing and a solid pill (some of them comes with hollow pills), which is important as you want your LED star against something solid to transfer heat nicely

The MT-G2 comes reflowed on a noctigon 20mm copper DTP star

The light is running on a iOS 4.5a 3 mode driver, running at 8.4v (2 x AW IMR 18350 cells), at 4~amps it would put out an estimated of 2,500 LED lumens (that is, amount of light emitted by the LED), lumens OTF (Out the front) would probably be much less, at 2000 lumens but still.. 😀

Not surprisingly, the light gets warm within a few seconds on high and HOT after a minute, but surprisingly on the medium and low modes, it is much more usable as it produces less heat

Here is a beamshot of it a SRT5 on high and the SK98, let’s let the pictures speak for themselves 🙂

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